There are 65,000,000 refugees in the world today. The worldwide refugee crisis is of generational significance and requires both immediate and long range responses.

Being the Blessing Foundation has undertaken several initiatives in response to this refugee crisis.

  1. We are hosting an International Conference on the World Refugee and Migrant Crisis and the Role and Responsibility of Universities: November 1st-4th, 2017 at The Gregorian University in Rome, Italy. This international conference is the first of its kind and will draw together universities with leaders in refugee rescue and relief work to explore ways for universities to teach, research, and be of service in response to the crisis. It will also provide an ongoing network of collaboration and cooperation. Being the Blessing Foundation is organizing this conference along with the International Federation of Catholic Universities, The Gregorian University, and the Center for Interreligious Understanding. For more information, contact us here.
  2. We are promoting the work of the International Rescue Committee. Learn more at
  3. Being the Blessing and Projects for All is developing a Safe Passage Program.
  4. We are forming partnerships between religious communities in the USA with churches in Europe which are offering hospitality to Syrian refugee families. Funds raised for this project provide much needed resources for the churches that are creating a safe haven. We also provide blankets and other basic needs for Syrian children in refugee camps.

For more information about our refugee initiatives contact the foundation here

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