A School for Kidubuli.

The Problem:

The village of Kidubuli is situated 300 km from the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Although there is a school in the community, it is small and the grounds are on loan. In addition, too many children have so far also been deprived from any form of formal education. The reasons for that are manifold: Often families, some of them are single parents, can’t afford the school fees. Some children are orphans and have no one looking after their educational needs. And children with special needs and those who are affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS are historically denied a chance to study.

The Solution:

All children deserve an education, it is a birthright. There is no more lasting legacy than giving the gift of a school to the children of a community – regardless of their faith, abilities, medical health, or family income.

Projects For All has a strong and personal connection to Kidubuli, where the organisation has built a Hello Hub in 2015. Knowing that with modest funds many hundreds of lives, over many generations, could be improved, the organisation has decided to build a school for the community.

In order to achieve this goal, Projects For All has partnered with Being the Blessing to raise the funds needed to design, build and maintain a new, fully equipped primary school – a school that is inclusive, offers quality co-education for boys and girls, and can also cater for special needs.

Fig. 1:         Father Sylvanus and the children of Kidubuli         © Keena Photo

Fig. 1:     Father Sylvanus and the children of Kidubuli
    © Keena Photo

The main Objectives:

  • To promote quality education, especially literacy, for the children of Kidubuli.

  • To fight ignorance, poverty and disease through facilitating education and mindset transformation of the young generation.

  • To enable each child in the community to attain education, irrespective of his or her physical wellbeing.

  • To encourage community parenting and social responsibility with regard to the education of their children.

The Work done to date:

  • A piece of land has been donated which is secure and safe for the children, and a temporary school has been built on these premises. It has temporary classrooms made from plastic sheeting.

  • Eight qualified teachers have been employed, with one of them being trained in special needs education.

  • Tree seedlings have been planted on the playground, which will, eventually, provide shade for the children during their breaks.

  • The level of involvement from the parents in the education of their children has been increased by organising community gatherings to discuss the school, as well as outreach to parents.

  • Some children who are HIV positive or have AIDS, as well as those with other physical challenges, have been allocated their own teacher, and they fully integrate with other children.



The Challenges and Requirements:

  • A dedicated school building that gives the children a safe environment to learn, explore and interact with peers. 

  • A sanitation block where children and teachers can safely go to the lavatory and wash their hands. 

  • A school meal program, which provides free daily meals. At the moment, most children in Kidubuli do not eat anything at all during the school day because their families can’t afford to provide lunch. 

  • Safe playground equipment. At the moment there is only one swing for 168 children. 

  • Books, blackboards, and teaching resources.

  • A teacher-training programme to improve the quality of the education at the school. This will be run by our trusted partners Pangea Education Development in Uganda. 

The Budget:

A total of GBP 40,000 (USD 58,400 / CAD 76,800) will be needed to initially build the school, as well as to cover running costs for school meal program and teacher training for the first year. 

The Team:

Being the Blessing
provides people and communities with ways to create, foster and sustain our highest common human calling to be a blessing for others, especially the poorest, the orphan, the refugee, and those enslaved. Being the Blessing is a broadbased and inclusive network of spiritually motivated people that promotes individual and community efforts that foster justice, compassion, and mercy in the world. Being the Blessing is a community of members and servant leaders who make three commitments: to maintain a daily spiritual practice, to spreading the word of our community projects, and to take some action every day to be of service to others. 

Projects For All  
is a non-profit organisation with the mission to empower communities facing human rights challenges by providing life-changing support and partnership, guided by respect, trust and community ownership. 


Katrin Macmillan
CEO and Founder


Anthony J. Cernera, Ph.D.
President and Founder

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